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Gas/Fuel/Service Station Land Use & Zoning for an EV World

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Gas Station Land Use Codes

This is a collection of gas/fuel/service station land use codes from different towns and counties across the United States. In their various forms they protect people, public property, and watersheds from the risks of gas stations.

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Petaluma, California

Summary: No new construction of fuel stations anywhere in the city.

Source - note all zones Fuel Stations are marked as “Use Not Allowed”

Petaluma Commercial Code with No Fuel Station Use

Rocky Hill, Connecticut

Summary: No gasoline or diesel filling station shall be erected less than 1,500 feet from any part of any lot or plot of a public park or playground, school, hospital, church, theater, public library or building for public assembly.


Screenshot of Rock Hill Connecticut land use code for gas stations

Harper Woods, Michigan

Summary: Gasoline or service stations shall not be operated, existing stations excepted, within five hundred (500) feet from places of public assembly, nor shall any gasoline service station be located, existing stations excepted, within seven hundred fifty (750) feet measured along the same side of the street, to an existing gasoline service station.


Screenshot of Harper Woods, Michigan land use code for gas stations

Clarkston, GA

Summary: There shall be a minimum distance of five hundred (500) feet measured from the nearest points of lot boundaries between a proposed gasoline service station and any existing gasoline service station or between a proposed gasoline service station and any lot occupied by a church, hospital, school, or other place of public assembly.


Screenshot of Clarkston, GA land use code for gas stations

Montgomery County, Maryland

Summary: Any filling station facility designed to dispense a minimum of 3.6 million gallons per year must be located at least 500 feet from the lot line of any land with a dwelling unit; public or private school; park; playground; day care center; any outdoor use categorized as a Civic and Institutional use or a Recreation and Entertainment use; or any wetland, stream, river, flood plain, or environmentally sensitive area.

Montgomery County setback ordinance

See also the Montgomery County council documents, staff opinion, and special appeals opinion

Borough of Bergenfield, New Jersey

Summary: No gas station, or vehicular repair service shop shall be located within 300 feet of the following uses when located along the same street or the same block: schools, playgrounds, churches, hospitals, libraries, institutions for dependent children, or other similar places of public assembly.


Screenshot of Borough of Bergenfield, NJ land use code for gas stations